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Fourth of July Windsock

Feeling patriotic? Start your Independence day with a bang and try this crafty project to celebrate our freedom. This makes a fantastic 4th of July decoration and is super easy to make. 

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Combat Summer Brain Drain With A Reading Chart

School’s out for the summer! While there’s plenty of time for water balloon fights and trips to the pool, don’t forget to make time for fun learning activities. Did you know that kids forget an average of two months’ worth of knowledge during the summer if they don’t engage in some sort of educational activity? Help combat “summer brain drain” with this simple and engaging reading chart.

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Fabric Spray Splattered T-Shirt Project

Let your little artist create a one of a kind t-shirt using only fabric spray paint and their imagination. This is one work of art that won’t go up on the fridge, but will be displayed all summer when the kids show off their wearable art. Inexpensive, easy, and great for several different age groups, this is a perfect summer project.

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Rainy Day Creations – Rain Splash Painting Activity

Make the most of rainy weather. Head outside and create original works of art using only food coloring and raindrops. The end result is a beautiful “watercolor” painting. 

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No-Bake Edible Chocolate Egg Nests

These no-bake cookies are a perfect springtime treat for kids — messy to make and sweet to eat! Just the right blend of chocolate and crunch, these festive treats are not only delicious, but a fabulous spring or Easter decoration as well. 

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Let Your Little Celebrity Chef Shine with this DIY Cooking Show

This activity will entertain tiny top chefs and camera hams alike! Put on your aprons, get the camera rolling, and let the cooking show begin.

Lights, camera, action!

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