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Afternoon Angst: Top 5 Strategies for Creating Peaceful Playtimes

By Jennifer Robertson, Founder and President of Chicago Kids Yoga LLC

People may think that the time after lunch (and if you’re lucky after nap time) is a breeze. Everyone is fed and happy and the afternoon is a mix of strolling in the park and chalking faces with great big smiles. And while sometimes it does work out that way, sometimes it doesn’t.

Either the nap wasn’t in the plan, or lunchtime was a battle of carrots versus cupcakes. Whatever the case may be, even when we try our hardest, sometimes the unexpected happens and we are all out of balance. The kids are fighting. They can’t be soothed. You feel frustrated. Everyone starts to lose their tempers…you know the story.

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5 Certifications to Boost Your Resume and Land More Jobs


A well-trained sitter is worth her weight in gold. According to a Red Cross survey, more than 80 percent of parents say they would pay more for a sitter who is trained in CPR, first aid and child care skills.

In this competitive job market, adding additional courses and certifications to your resume will not only help you stand out from the pack, but also increase your bargaining power during pay negotiations.

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5 Things to Cover with Your Summer Sitter

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For many parents, summer is a time when their beloved school-year babysitter packs up her things and leaves town for three months. This seasonal “sitter shuffle” leaves many moms and dads having to secure a new caregiver that has to adjust to the families rules and routine. To make the transition easier, we have shared five important things to cover with your summer sitter.

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Friday 5: Secrets of Standout Sitters


Babysitting can be a rewarding, lucrative and fun career choice. In what other job can you earn money to get messy, color and play outside with adorable kids?

When you find a great family to work with, you should do your best on the job so you will be asked back again and again. Here are some tips to help you be a great babysitter.

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Friday 5: Topics to Cover on a Babysitter Checklist


When you hire a new sitter, or just want to keep your current sitter in the know, it’s good to have a checklist handy. The categories below (with examples) will help you put together your own checklist.

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Friday 5: Ways to Make Use of Leftover Halloween Candy


It’s the day after Halloween and you’ve got way too much candy on your hands. While there are worse problems to have, here are some creative ways to help you get rid of/give new life to your excess candy:

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