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5 Certifications to Boost Your Resume and Land More Jobs


A well-trained sitter is worth her weight in gold. According to a Red Cross survey, more than 80 percent of parents say they would pay more for a sitter who is trained in CPR, first aid and child care skills.

In this competitive job market, adding additional courses and certifications to your resume will not only help you stand out from the pack, but also increase your bargaining power during pay negotiations.

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Combat Summer Brain Drain With A Reading Chart

School’s out for the summer! While there’s plenty of time for water balloon fights and trips to the pool, don’t forget to make time for fun learning activities. Did you know that kids forget an average of two months’ worth of knowledge during the summer if they don’t engage in some sort of educational activity? Help combat “summer brain drain” with this simple and engaging reading chart.

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Calm Kids Make Peaceful Parents: Top 5 Ways to Wind Down

By Jennifer Robertson, Founder and President of Chicago Kids Yoga LLC

Life is so different for kids today than it was when we were young. We can all agree that school and sports are more competitive and the expectations for overachievement are greater than ever.

Between technology and over-scheduling, our kids can’t find themselves coming or going sometimes. So as the bar gets higher and higher for our kids, they have two choices: internalize the stress of modern childhood or find ways to cope with the world as we know it.

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Spring Cleaning and Organizing Tips to get Your Home in Tip Top Condition


Even though the weather outside may try to tell us otherwise, spring is here people. And with spring comes the need to spring clean.

Here are a handful of tips ― from organizing your closet to creating your own cleaning solutions ― that will help make spring cleaning easier, more effective and less time consuming.

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How to Check Your Caregivers’ References in 3 Easy Steps


You’ve found the perfect caregiver on Sittercity! She nailed her interview, passed her background check, and you’re ready to give her the job. Wait, pump the brakes! Before you tell your caregiver she’s hired, you’ll want to check her references.

References can play huge part in finding the right caregiver. They will give you additional insight about your candidate as well as a look into her past job performance.

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How to Ace Your Next Babysitting or Nanny Interview


You already know how to make your Sittercity profile stand out and how to write a winning application. But the search for a great job isn’t over yet and there’s more work to do. The good news is now you have an interview!

Even though you feel confident in your child caring skills, you may feel unsure about an interview (especially if it’s your first one). Take a deep breath and remember you’ve already done a lot right. Parents only take time to interview their short list of candidates, so you have already made a great impression!

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