Babysitting can be a rewarding, lucrative and fun career choice. In what other job can you earn money to get messy, color and play outside with adorable kids?

When you find a great family to work with, you should do your best on the job so you will be asked back again and again. Here are some tips to help you be a great babysitter.

1) Safety first

When you arrive at a new babysitting job, be sure to ask where you can find the first aid kit, fire extinguisher and emergency phone numbers. Be sure to ask about food allergies or other safety concerns around the house. See our Babysitter Checklist for more important tips.

2) Be on time

Whether the parents are going to work, out for dinner, or to an appointment, they have places to go. Respect their time and do not hold them up by being late.

3) Keep it clean

We all know that kids can be messy, but a tired parent doesn’t want to come home to a dirty house. If you make a meal, clean up the dishes. If the child pulls out every toy in the playroom, work together to tidy up.

4) Speak up

When the parents return, be sure to tell them how everything went. They will appreciate a thorough report on their child’s activities; meals and snacks; sleeping and potting training schedules; and any behavior issues.

5) Have fun!

Being a caregiver is a big responsibility, but it’s also fun. Play games, sing songs, go the park, make arts and crafts projects — do all the things you loved to do as a kid. If you are happy, the child will be happy, too.

What makes you a standout sitter? 

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