Hey sitters! There are tons of great jobs out there and we want to help you land the perfect one. Here are some tips to help you increase your changes of getting the one you want:

1) Run a background check

Families want to hire someone they can trust. In fact, 88 percent of parents say they are more likely to hire someone who has a background check. Many parents will look for that distinguishing background check badge on sitter profiles when they are narrowing their options, and it will place you higher on search results.

2) Let your personality shine

Create a profile that shows your personality and relevant work experience. Be sure to always use proper grammar and correct spelling on your profile. It shows professionalism and maturity. You could also include fun facts about yourself, such as your favorite children’s book, game, or activity. This will help parents get to know you before they even meet you.

3) Update your availability

Keep your availability calendar up to date so parents can see when you are open for work.

4) Check out new jobs frequently

When members search for caregivers, the results are sorted by caregiver rank. Those who log in most frequently have a higher rank so members don’t see stale profiles. If you’re more active on the site, you are more likely to appear at the top of results lists.

5) Provide references

This is members’ #1 criterion for picking which caregiver to call, so try to include two full references in your profile. You can list a former employer, a neighbor, even a family member — just make sure these people agree to serve as a reference before you list them.