It’s the day after Halloween and you’ve got way too much candy on your hands. While there are worse problems to have, here are some creative ways to help you get rid of/give new life to your excess candy:

1) Sell it to your dentist

Halloween Candy Buyback is a an awesome program where dentists nationwide “buy back” Halloween candy from kids in their community, and then send it to troops overseas. Dentists will typically pay $1 per pound of candy. All the candy that has been bought back is then donated to Operation Gratitude for holiday care packages. Visit here and find a participating dentist near you!

2) Weird science

Did you know that dropping a Warhead in baking soda causes bubbles to erupt? Or that if you leave a Skittle in water,  the “S” floats to the surface? There are all sorts of fun experiments you can conduct with candy. Check out for a list of experiments along with the scientific explanations behind them.

3) Ready, set, bake!

Snickers cupcakes? Milky Way cookies? Sign us up. There are tons of awesome Halloween candy recipes floating around that are an excellent way to use up excess candy.

4) Get crafty

Leftover Halloween candy is great for holiday decor. It can be used for anything from decorating a gingerbread house to creating a Halloween wreath for next year. The possibilities are endless.

5) Ice, ice, baby

Last but not least, freeze leftovers! Most candy can keep for a year, if not longer, in the freezer. Just toss unopened candy into the freezer to be used whenever you have a sugar craving or a candy inspired recipe.

Pro tip for next year: Get rid of leftover bags of candy you purchased for trick-or-treaters by saving your receipts and returning any unopened bags the next day.

What’s your favorite way to use up leftover Halloween candy?