Looking for the perfect mess-free activity? Look no further than mess-free color mixing! Kids will love to see the colors change as they mix, mash, and swirl with their own hands — with no mess to clean up!

What you will need:

  • Re-sealable storage bags (sandwich size)
  • Clear hair gel
  • Food coloring (any colors you wish)


  1. Lay the storage bag flat on the table, holding the opening upward.
  2. Squeeze about 4 to 5 tablespoons of hair gel into the middle of the bag.
  3. Choose two vials of food coloring. Add three to four drops of one color to the gel.
  4. Turn the bag over and add the second color to the other side of the gel.
  5. Tightly seal the bag.
  6. Let the child mix and mash the swirls of color!

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Note: Be aware that food coloring can stain clothes, so have the child wear a smock or old clothes.