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Friday 5: Games & Activities Under $15 to Pack in Your Sitter Toolkit

Image: Illustrated Box of Toys

All children are on the same page about one firm truth: None of their toys are quite as exciting as something new.

It doesn’t matter if the kids have a basement full of toys that could keep a whole classroom entertained. When you show up to babysit, the last thing they want to do is play with their “boring” old toys. And you can only build so many couch forts before the kids start begging for the TV remote or iPad. Finding something to do while mom and dad are gone ends up being so much more painful than it should be.

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6 Things Your Sitter is Afraid to Tell You

secrets blog final

Navigating the sitter/parent relationship can be tricky for both sides. Here are a few common topics and what you can do to smooth things over.

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Friday 5: Secrets of Standout Sitters


Babysitting can be a rewarding, lucrative and fun career choice. In what other job can you earn money to get messy, color and play outside with adorable kids?

When you find a great family to work with, you should do your best on the job so you will be asked back again and again. Here are some tips to help you be a great babysitter.

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Friday 5: Ways to Increase Your Chances of Landing a Sitter or Nanny Job


Hey sitters! There are tons of great jobs out there and we want to help you land the perfect one. Here are some tips to help you increase your changes of getting the one you want:

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Friday 5: Tips for Hiring a Nanny or Babysitter

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Finding the right person to care for your children while you’re away from home can be a daunting — and sometimes a stressful — task. Use these five tips to help find the perfect sitter for you and your family:

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