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Friday 5: Ways to Make Sure Your Child Stays Safe on Halloween

friday5 stay safe on halloween blog

Halloween is all about scares, but no parent wants to be scared when it comes to their child’s safety. Combat the many hazards associated with Halloween by following these five tips to help reduce your child’s risk of injury.

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Spooky Pudding Cups: Monsters, Jack-o-Lanterns, Ghosts, Oh My!

Monsters, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, oh my! These spooky pudding cups are the perfect Halloween treat, enjoyed by kids and adults alike. They’re a super simple Halloween craft even the smallest trick-or-treater will be able to help make. You can choose to make all of one kind, or throw in a little variety. Regardless of which creature you create, one thing is guaranteed: spooky deliciousness!

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