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Help Make Your Sitter’s Job Easier with an Awesome Babysitter Box

 Want a simple way to make your sitter feel welcome and prepared? Create a Babysitter Box! Take a cardboard box and fill it with everything your sitter might need (treats, TV instructions, activity ideas, bedtime routine, emergency contact information, etc.).

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6 Tips to Writing a Winning Sitter or Nanny Application

Crisis managing diaper blow-outs, calming wild toddler temper tantrums, and finding a new nanny position or babysitting job. Caring for kids isn’t always about fun and games!

Finding a job posting that seems like the perfect fit for your personality, experience, and schedule is actually the easy part. The hard part is writing a winning application that helps get you the job.

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Bubble Art

Create a true work of art with this easy project. Kids will have a great time blowing bubbles, and you’ll have something awesome to put up on the fridge once they’re done!

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Win a Sittercity Hoodie!

Show off your sitter style. Enter to win a Sittercity hoodie! With a warm, fleece lining, it’s perfect for chilly back-to-school weather (whether you are heading back yourself or taking the kids).

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