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Combat Summer Brain Drain With A Reading Chart

School’s out for the summer! While there’s plenty of time for water balloon fights and trips to the pool, don’t forget to make time for fun learning activities. Did you know that kids forget an average of two months’ worth of knowledge during the summer if they don’t engage in some sort of educational activity? Help combat “summer brain drain” with this simple and engaging reading chart.

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Beach Pudding

Even though beach season is coming to an end, you can make it last a bit longer in your kitchen. This delicious pudding dessert is fun and easy to make.

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Make the Most of Summer Memories

Whether it’s countless trips to the neighborhood pool, or the first time your little one experiences the joys of an amusement park, summer is synonymous with memories. While those memories remain at the forefront of your mind as you round out the final lazy days of summer, they often fade into a deep, dark abyss once your hectic schedule starts to pick back up (hello back to school).

All you need is a smartphone to whip out at any given moment to capture those memories, but what next?

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Easy Homemade Ice Cream

We all scream for ice cream! Help kids make it at home for a yummy, hands-on project to celebrate the last few days of summer! Grab a tray of ice cubes, rock salt, milk, vanilla, and a few other ingredients for an end-of-summer treat.

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