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Easy, No-Sew Halloween Costumes for the Craft-Challenged Mom


You ignored the telltale signs of the season: pumpkin-spiced lattes, costume pop-up stores, a bowl of candy corn on the receptionist’s desk at your office. But there’s no denying it any longer. Halloween has arrived, and your child needs a costume ASAP for all of the spooky parties and ghoulish events happening between now and October 31.

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5 Ways to Recognize Your Nanny

It’s that time of year again – National Nanny Recognition Week. The tradition started in 1998 to celebrate nannies across the country and recognize the important work they do for the families they serve.

Their impact can be felt through the everyday small tasks they do – like reading a child his favorite book for the 100th time and turning “cleaning up” into an exciting game. These small acts of care and love are greater than the sum of their parts. Together, they enrich our lives for the better.

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Find the Job that Fits Your Busy Student Schedule with the Sittercity App

School’s back in session and you’re already back to the daily grind of 8:00 a.m. classes, evenings slaving over term papers and Homecoming party preparations with your sorority sisters.

That savings from your summer job where you were “supposed” to save enough money for the school year is looking a bit low after books, game day gear and and a new semi-formal dress have already made a big dent in your budget. 

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Finger Painting with a Twist


Lucky for us, this year’s America’s Top Sitter, Nikki O’Neal, is super crafty. Be sure to keep an eye out for more artsy posts from her in the coming months! 

It can be a little challenging (and messy) to find art projects appropriate for young children still working on their motor skills. However, encouraging hands during messy experiments is a great and fun way to help improve these skills. This hands (and feet)-on painting project is perfect for doing just that!

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The ABCs of Nanny Taxes


By Lori Bolas, Director of Communications at SurePayroll.

You’ve invested so much to find just the right nanny to care for your children, the last thing you want to worry about is payroll taxes! Calculating, filing and paying your nanny’s payroll can be intimidating and confusing. Don’t worry—we’ll walk through the ABCs of nanny taxes together. We promise this won’t take weeks and you shouldn’t lose any sleep!

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Make Your Own Magic Wand

Bring a little magic into your home! This homemade magic wand is a fantastic addition to any costume and makes for great imaginative play. All you need are a few items from around the house, and you and your little magic maker can create a unique wand for all their hocus-pocus needs.

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Egg Bake Cupcakes: An A+ Back-to-School Breakfast

Shake up breakfast with these easy egg bake cupcakes. Kids will love to make  — and eat — them! All you need are some common kitchen ingredients and you’re on your way to a delicious and nutritious breakfast that’s great for hectic school mornings.

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